Why Those with Neurological Conditions Need Estate Planning

People of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from the process of estate planning. As an elder law practice, we often help people who are approaching retirement age or looking a few years into the future.

But for anyone who suffers from a serious neurological condition, it is even more important to schedule a consultation with an estate planning attorney to discuss your next steps right away. There are unique considerations in elder law to take into account when you have a loved one recently diagnosed with a neurological condition.Elderly couple discussing a neurological condition with their attorney

Neurological conditions can get worse over time, making it difficult for you to make decisions on your own or to be classified as legally incompetent.

All planning and documents for anyone diagnosed with a neurological condition need to be tailored specifically to you. Your planning must reflect your personal experience within that condition and the possibility that it might get worse over time. Consider some of the following aspects when deciding what to incorporate with regards to an elderly neurological condition:

  • Your current status.
  • The rate of progression or rate of anticipated recovery.
  • Future prognosis.

All of these issues should be taken into consideration by you and your estate planning lawyer when discussing your next steps to protect your interests and to ensure that you have necessary documents in place should you become incapacitated.

Power of attorney documents and decisions regarding your health care should be discussed in advance so that your loved ones do not have the added stress of having to go through court and have someone appointed to make these decisions on your behalf. If you have specific wishes surrounding your health care or who will step in to manage your finances, decide that now in the event that your brain based neurological condition gets more severe.

Our Dover, NH estate planning office is here to help you get your documents in order and to discuss your concerns when your spouse or family member has been diagnosed with a neurological issue.




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