What You Need to Know About Qualifying for Medicaid in New Hampshire

When you or another loved one is looking at the prospect of staying in a nursing home, the cost of the required care can be overwhelming. For an average couple, a stay in a nursing home could decimate the pair’s savings, which is why more couples are doing advanced planning to work with elder lawyers regarding Medicaid qualification in NH.

Qualification for Medicaid is a popular question among those who are in need of advanced nursing home care. Financial requirements for Medicaid are specified at the state level.

The primary purpose of this program is to enable those who do not otherwise have financial resources to get support for their health care. Many people are mistakenly under the impression that Medicare will cover the expenses of their nursing home stay or other long term care needs.

Qualifying for Medicaid is not guaranteed and careful thought must be put into your advanced Medicaid qualification plan. You must meet the resource requirements as well as the income requirements to be eligible for Medicaid in New Hampshire. The program considers household income, the counting of household resources where applicable, and potential income. In addition to these financial requirements there are medical requirements that can be supported by proof of your medical condition.

Medical records are most frequently used to determine whether or not you need the long term care you are intending to have paid by Medicaid. If you need more specifics on qualifying for Medicaid in New Hampshire, schedule a consultation with an estate planning lawyer today. Get answers to your most important questions and start roadmapping your plan for long term care.



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