If You’ve Recently Moved To New Hampshire, It’s Time To Meet With An Estate Planning Lawyer

If you have recently relocated to New Hampshire, it’s a good idea to meet with a qualified New Hampshire estate planning lawyer to discuss your estate plan. The documents from your previous state may not apply to your individual circumstances in New Hampshire and the insight of a lawyer can help you to create an estate plan that meets your goals and complies with state law. Many people who move to a new state will ask whether their estate plan that is created in their previous state is still valid.New Hampshire

Typically, although these plans executed in another state are valid in New Hampshire, there are good reasons to modify your plan or at least have your New Hampshire estate planning lawyer review these documents to determine if modification needs to occur. Bear in mind that having a legally valid estate plan does not resolve all issues associated with moving to New Hampshire from a different state. The source of payment of a decedent’s expenses and debts, for example, is handled differently from one state to another which can affect the size of a bequest or inheritance given under the terms of a will.

Furthermore, an outside will from another state adds another step in the probate process prior to the court accepting the will. Meeting with an experienced New Hampshire estate planning lawyer is one of the only ways to ensure that you’ve considered all relevant issues in your plan and that the documents you’ve created still accomplish those same goals.


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