New Study Shows That Those With Higher Wealth Also Live Longer

A recent study published in the JAMA Health Forum found that out of 5,000 participants, those who had a much higher net worth at midlife had a much lower risk of dying in the 24 years that followed. The study also was particularly interesting in that it included siblings and twins and identified the same results. The purpose of the study was to evaluate midlife in the United States.

Although it was determined that wealth impact on longevity was a modest one at a 1% absolute difference in the probability of survival after nearly 24 years, it is possible that the gap could get bigger if the difference between high income and low-income earners in the United States continues to grow.

According to research from the Urban Institute, residents of the United States in the lowest 10% of net worth had a zero net worth compared with over $600,000 for those in the top 90%. In these circumstances, it is important to reflect on the benefits available to you by consulting with a knowledgeable estate planning lawyer about your estate planning opportunities.

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