New Hampshire Lawmakers Investigate Nursing Home Safety

In light of COVID-19, the focus on safety and patient outcomes at nursing homes has become more important than ever. The nursing homes in New Hampshire are no exception, and legislators in the state want to know how the pandemic has impacted residents of these facilities.

A legislative committee has been formed to look into the issues and complete a report about some of the chief concerns and an overall picture of safety level in a few months. That committee has just begun its work. With a total of 74 nursing homes in New Hampshire and an increasing number of people in their elder years needing long term care support from these facilities, both those who might become residents and the family members of those potential residents have safety and quality of life top of mind when selecting a location.

The primary reason that the committee was formed was because patients inside nursing homes and long-term care (LTC) facilities make up more than 80 percent of the COVID-19 deaths within the state even though they only represent 30 percent of infections.

In addition to looking for more details on how the pandemic has disproportionately affected New Hampshire’s older population, the committee will also investigate common issues in these facilities such as infection control, staffing concerns, and the risk of suicide.

A nursing home might not be on your radar, but it could quickly become part of your long-term care plan if you sustain an injury, need to recover from a major surgery, or develop cognitive issues. All of these concerns should be discussed directly with an experienced elder care lawyer in New Hampshire to ensure you have a plan in place if the need for nursing home support arises. Our office is here to help you understand the legal impacts and financial concerns surrounding your elder law plan.


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