What Are Your Odds of Needing Long-Term Care in The Future?

Most people hope to live a long and healthy life remaining in their own home until they pass away, but the need for possible long-term care or health care assistance cannot be ignored. Anyone might require assistance as they age due to frailty, loss of eyesight, illness, dementia, or slip and fall injuries like a broken hip. How long this assistance will last and its cost can vary tremendously. You may need total care for many years, or just short-term recovery after a surgery or a fall.long-term

The difficulty of planning is much more complicated than most people anticipate. Assuming that Medicare will pick up the tab for these expenses can be a big mistake, particularly because a stay in a long-term care facility may not be fully covered by Medicare after a certain point in time.

This makes it all the more important to engage the services of an estate planning attorney to discuss elder law issues like these. Having a plan on your own in terms of qualifying for Medicaid can ensure that you use all legal methods at your disposal and greatly increase your chances of recovering compensation.

The support of an experienced attorney can help give you peace of mind that if and when the time comes for you to need long term care, you do not put this financial burden on your loved ones.

Contact a NH or ME estate planning lawyer to discuss next steps with long term care.


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