How to Pick the Right Nursing Home in NH

Does your New Hampshire based family member need support what other family members can provide or keep up with? You’re not alone. Even a family member who has been relatively healthy can experience disability or sudden illness that makes it difficult or impossible for them to live on their own.

The selection of the right nursing home requires a lot of care and consideration. It’s never an easy choice, as you’re trying to balance the quality and type of care provided, the expense, and what will make for the easiest transition with your loved one.

When taking next steps with this process, do the following:

  • Really understand your loved one’s diagnosis so that if they have advanced needs for particular issues, like Alzheimers, that the facility in question provides this kind of support.
  • Read review of the nursing home first and get a clear understanding of the general atmosphere as well as what life would be life for your loved one.
  • Schedule an in-person visit. You can tell a lot by setting aside the time to come in person and ask questions of key staff members.

Our New Hampshire elder law office has helped many families in this situation before. To qualify for Medicaid in NH, you need to answer a few important questions and be prepared for this transition. Building a Medicaid qualification plan and discussing other important elder law issues can be made much easier by setting up a time to speak with a law firm.



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