How To Gather Key Information Before Creating Your Financial and Estate Plan

Whether this is the first time you’re meeting with an estate planning attorney or you’re setting up your first consultation with a financial planner, there are several important planning steps you can take in advance to make this easier. Having documents and a clear understanding of your current financial picture makes it simpler to tell the story of where you’re at and where you hope to, financial

Any questionnaires that have been provided to you by your estate planning lawyer or financial adviser in advance can give you a good overview of the kinds of things they will ask and the issues most important during this meeting. Some of the most important documents you can gather prior to attending your first meeting with a NH or Maine estate planning lawyer include:

  • Information on your employee benefits
  • Any existing estate planning documents
  • Any existing insurance policies
  • General details about your expenses and income
  • Statements for savings and investment accounts
  • Social Security benefits or pension if you are in retirement or near it
  • Debt statements, such as your mortgage

You can combine this with your personal goals to create a comprehensive estate plan in line with your individual needs. A consultation with a dedicated lawyer can give you a good overview of what you’ve completed already and can help you to craft remaining documents and strategies to align with your personal goals. There is so much to consider in the big picture of estate planning that it is recommended that you start well in advance and get the help of a lawyer.


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