It’s Time to Stop Stalling and Create Your Estate Plan

If you want to protect your heirs from going through the difficult situation of trying to sort through all of your papers, belongings and debts, you can do them a big favor by undertaking estate planning. Estate planning is not necessarily a comfortable topic, but it is one that can save your heirs a lot of frustration in the future when you take the time to get organized now. Most people recognize the overwhelm and confusion of estate planning because they have been through it with a friend or family, estate planning

Depending on how organized the deceased person was, it can take months or even years to collect all of their assets, much less move them through the probate process to transfer the ownership to intended beneficiaries or those who are entitled through intestate succession.

By spending a little bit of time working with an estate planning lawyer, you can create a basic estate plan that helps you to know what will happen to your assets and any dependents if you pass away suddenly. Working with a lawyer is strongly recommended because you can help to avoid many mistakes and customize your estate plan based on your personal goals.

Are you ready to take your next step? Do not hesitate to consult with an attorney now as your estate plan can become the cornerstone of your future planning both for potential future disability and end of life care. We work with clients in New Hampshire and Maine to help you plan ahead for your best future.


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