The Most Powerful Planning Tool of All is the Human Ear.

There are plenty of law firms in southern New Hampshire and Maine, including firms that focus on estate planning. What sets Cocheco Elder Law Associates, PLLC apart from the rest? We believe it is our collaborative approach to the practice of law.

We Listen

Upon sitting down with a prospective client, Tom asks a series of questions: “Why have you come to see me? What keeps you up at night? What are you hoping to accomplish?” In this way, Tom gains a thorough understanding of his clients’ needs, concerns, goals, and hopes for the future. He then explains all of the planning options available in plain English rather than convoluted Legalese. This approach allows Tom to craft and implement customized plans tailored to the particular needs and goals of each client. 

A Commitment to Client Education

We are committed to keeping our clients informed about legal developments that can impact their estate plans, their finances, and their loved ones. This is why we offer complimentary quarterly newsletters and take the time to write informative blog posts. It is also why Tom hosts his weekly radio show, Legally Speaking with Tom Torr, on News Talk 98.1 WTSN every Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. We believe the best plans are the result of close collaboration with clients who are both informed and engaged.

Keeping Your Plan Up-To-Date

Our relationship with clients doesn’t end when they sign their planning documents. We are committed to making sure our clients’ plans take into account changes in their financial and medical situations, changes in their families, and changes to the law itself. Change is a part of life. To accomplish your goals, your plan must take relevant changes into account.

The Spirit of Collaboration

Not only do we work closely with our clients on plan design, we welcome the opportunity to work with our clients’ key advisors, such as Insurance Professionals, CPAs, and Financial Planners. Your existing advisors are welcome to attend our meetings and workshops. We believe that comprehensive, customized plans are the result of close collaboration between all of your advisors.